Family of Teen Arrested After Livestreaming Deadly Crash That Killed Sister Speaks Out

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STOCKTON -- The family of teens Obdulia and Jacqueline Sanchez say they are still in shock after a crash that killed one daughter and sent the other to jail.

Jacqueline Sanchez was an aspiring singer, basketball player, a devoted sister and daughter.

“(She was) nice… she cooked me food, breakfast in the morning,” said Nicandro Sanchez, Jacqueline’s younger brother.

Her life was cut short in a horrific crash on Friday night in Los Banos. CHP Los Banos said her older sister, 18-year-old Obdulia, is suspected of driving drunk or drugged while she streamed the crash live on Instagram.

“And I was really confused because I didn’t know what happened, and then she sent me the video on Instagram,” said Evelyn Sanchez, Jacqueline’s younger sister.

The video has been all over the Internet and it was also how the Sanchez family found out the 14-year-old would not be coming home.

“I found out that she was dead,” Evelyn explained through tears.

Evelyn, who is 12 years old, said she had to shoulder the burden of telling her parents about the deadly crash. She came into their room around midnight on Saturday, tears in her eyes.

"I found out that something terrible had happened because she said they crashed, and then I saw her crying, and then I thought too she died,” Nicandro Sanchez, the girls’s father, said in Spanish.

The Sanchez family said they frantically tried to confirm Jacqueline’s death hours after the crash. It wasn’t until the next morning that they got a call from the coroner’s office -- Jackie was dead, Obdulia behind bars. Two daughters gone in one day.

“It’s so hard to say because I cannot explain how I feel, because you know, I never think I going to get this kind of thing,” the senior Nicandro said.

The tragedy has shaken the entire family but Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez are trying to be brave for their other children. Evelyn said she’s talked to Obdulia.

“She told us that it should have been her and not my sister 'cause my older sister, she’s done a lot of stuff,” the preteen said she stands by her sister, “and it’s honestly not her fault because the tire blew out, and it’s not her fault, like there’s nothing she could have done,” she said.

While father Nicandro hopes their sorrow and tragedy will be an eye opener for Obdulia, who he said, was already heading down the wrong path.

“Because anyway she’s my daughter, and I love her, you know, no matter what happened,” he said.

While we were visiting with the family, some outreach workers with Fathers and Families of San Joaquin were helping the family with funeral arrangements and counseling services.

As far as the claim that the tire blew out, CHP Los Banos said they will be examining the car later this week. They added, they’re also working on a warrant to get all cell phones that were inside the car at the time of the crash.

Obdulia is expected to be in court on Wednesday.

The family is also raising money to help pay for Jacqueline's funeral expenses.