Man Files Suit Over Pride Flag Hanging Outside Congresswoman’s Office

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SACRAMENTO -- Outside Congresswoman Susan Davis' Washington, D.C., office there's an American flag, a California flag and a pride flag.

"So having that out in front of your office is really an opportunity to say 'You are welcome here, anyone is welcome here,'" said David Heitstuman,  the executive director of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center.

But that rainbow flag is now the subject of a lawsuit against Davis, and three other Capitol Hill politicians who also have pride flags outside their office doors.

The man behind the suit is attorney Chris Sevier.

In the lawsuit, Sevier, who also recently sued the state of Utah because he wanted to marry his laptop, says the flags should be removed because he believes it represents a religious symbol.

"I've been litigating for about 25 years, and it's probably one the most frivolous things I've ever seen come up," said attorney Mike Wise.

Wise says the fact the litigation is religiously based makes him think a judge will immediately throw the case out.

"There's no basis for it, it's clearly not a religion, it's not what Thomas Jefferson was referring to when he first established the First Amendment," Wise said.

Heitstuman says even thinking about the case is upsetting.

"For someone to say or provide some sort of opposition that says that we can't display a rainbow flag or that it means something that it doesn't is really frustrating," Heitstuman said.