Man Looking for Owner of Family Photo Album Found on Side of Road in Waterford

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WATERFORD -- A Modesto man found an old family photo album along Highway 132 to Waterford, and he is trying his best to get it back to its rightful owner.

Leslie Hogland calls the album a memory book. He told FOX40 he found it in a trash bag with other items, about one and a half miles away from Frazier Nut Farms on 132.

“It's fun to have memories. Good or bad. Memories are memories," Hogland said.

The handmade album is covered in white lace and contains a 1994 obituary for Denise Galvez-Farr of Stockton.

Based on initial research Hogland's fiance conducted, they believe the bag and the album belong to either Jaclyn Galvez or Jaclyn Torres of Stockton.

“It goes from babies to marriage to death. It's basically somebody’s whole life in an album," Hogland said.

FOX40 called listed phone numbers for Jaclyn but they were disconnected.

If the album belongs to you or someone you know, contact Samantha at: (209) 543-5901.

Hogland says they can drop the album off to its rightful owner.