Fire Burning in El Dorado County Prompts Mandatory Evacuations

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EL DORADO COUNTY -- Helicopters drop water on thick brush burning directly behind a home on Derby Road in Mt. Aukum.

"The way the grass moves, it's out-pacing how fast the ground crews can get in their with hoses," said Daniel Judy, fire apparatus engineer.

Firefighters relied heavily on an aggressive air attack to keep the Ranch Fire below 200 acres in South El Dorado County.

"The fire was heading directly towards these homes," said Mike Webb, Cal Fire division chief.

"We set up a couple sprinklers on the roof to get it nice and wet," said Peter Santos.

Santos' family home is right at the head of the fire.

"We did what we could, got the animals out of here, got the family out of here," said Santos.

They're under mandatory evacuation and might be all night, along with the people who live on nine other nearby streets.

"I know they're tired, so I'm just trying to help out anyway I can," Santos said.

He stayed behind to help the firefighters protect the property.

"That's my dad's truck, yeah, so it got a little paint job," Santos said.

And judging by the pink fire retardant speckled around their home and the calm demeanor of the firefighters standing guard all around it, he's confident that it will be standing when the sun comes back up.

"Brings you ease 'cause they know what they're doing," Santos said.

Mandatory evacuations were in place for the following roads, they have since been lifted. They are now considered voluntary.

Derby Lane
Derby Court
Coyote Ridge Road
Magic Mine Road
Rosewood Lane
Floral Avenue
Johnson Mine Road
North Mine Road
Mystic Mine Road