Mom of Toddler Allegedly Abused by His Stepmother Speaks Out

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OAKLAND -- There's a devastated mother at the hospital right now forced with making the toughest decision of her life -- to take her 2-year-old son off life support after he suffered abuse that she says could have been prevented.

"He didn't deserve this, he was only 2 he had his whole life ahead of him," said Brittany Gonzales, Jackson's mom.

You can see the heartbreak on her face and hear the devastation in her voice.

Her son Jackson was beaten so badly he's being kept alive by machines.

"He was only 2 years old, it drives me nuts, who would do this to a 2-year-old?" Gonzales said.

The Stockton Police Department says the woman who allegedly did it is Jackson's own stepmom, Chalsey Maynard.

The 30-year-old was arrested Wednesday and charged with three counts of child abuse.

Sadly, reported abuse against Jackson isn't new.

From December 2016 to June 2017 Child Protective Services in San Joaquin County says there were seven reports of abuse against the toddler. According to CPS, Maynard was never specifically named as the abuser.

Gonzales says not enough was done to protect her child.

Mikey Habbestad with San Joaquin County CPS says on behalf of this family CPS has received 14 reports - seven of which involve Jackson.

Reports have been filed in both San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County.

The reports involving Jackson include:

1 in Dec 2016
1 in Feb 2017
2 in March 2017
1 in April 2017
2 in June 2017

Of the seven reports made about Jackson, CPS only responded to three of them.

Of the three reports CPS responded to, one report of physical abuse was inconclusive, another report of physical abuse in Dec 2016 was substantiated and one report of general neglect in March was substantiated.

Jackson's stepmom was not named as a perpetrator in any of the seven reported cases.

"This is like the type of thing I would see on the news with different kids, and I would be like 'Oh my God, if that happened to my kid...' and now it's my turn because CPS fails to do their job and actually just investigate," Gonzales said.

Ed Howard with the Children's Advocacy Institute admits CPS social workers have a tough job but says people should demand answers about why Jackson was left in an abusive home.

"We all have a moral responsibility to make sure we know first what happened and second if mistakes were made that it never happens again we owe that to this baby," Howard said.

In response to criticism against the agency, CPS says removing a child from a parents isn't something done lightly and sometimes there might not be enough evidence to take a child.

As for Gonzales, instead of planning her son's next basketball game, she's planning how she'll donate his organs when she takes him off life support. But this protective mama bear she says she won't rest until she sees justice for Jax.

"They need go pay for my son because my son is not here anymore," Gonzales said.

The Stockton Police Department says when Jax is taken off life support and passes away it will be up to the DA's office whether more charges will be filed.

Jax's family created a GoFundMe to pay for some of his expenses.