While Modesto Family Welcomed New Baby, Thieves Tried to Break In

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MODESTO -- Police are searching for two young men who were seen her on surveillance video as they swiped two packages from the front door of  a Modesto home last Sunday.

"The guy in the black shirt asks, 'you guys wanna go in?' According to PD, they had no intention of taking the boxes, they had every intention of breaking into the house," Jeremy Epps said.

And that's a terrifying thought for the husband and new dad.

While the suspects were trying to break in, Jeremy and his wife, Esther, were busy with the birth of their daughter, Leela Grace. She was just about five hours old when the video was captured by surveillance cameras.

"If we would've been home, it would've been a whole other story," Epps said.

Modesto police tell FOX40 they are following strong investigative leads on catching the two men.

They hope to make an arrest.

"According to PD, the only reason why they didn't get in is because three weeks ago, I had put those big dead bolts on the bottom of the doors," Epps said.

Small cracks on the edges of the door were left behind by the suspects who tried to kick their way inside.

Epps says detectives told him they have identified the suspects, and they know their ages and criminal history.

So far, they believe Epps' home was the only house the suspects tried to break into.

The suspected thieves did make off with two packages from the door step -- a bassinet and swaddle carrier that were presents meant for Baby Leela.

"I really don't care about the boxes. Fifty bucks worth of stuff is replaceable. Replacing my family's life is not," he said.