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Cal Fire Battles Two Fires Burning in Tuolumne County

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TUOLUMNE COUNTY -- Cal Fire crews are gearing up to face tough conditions as they try to contain two wildfires burning in Tuoloumne County.

"When it transitioned to the brush, that's where it's giving us fits," said Cal Fire Assistant Chief Paul Avila.

Avila admits one of the fires got away from them over the weekend.

"The fuel beds are more susceptible, which yesterday, we had crews on this fire pretty quick. We had an aircraft on this fire very quickly, as well, and the fire still was able to get out of our control," Avila said.

Dry conditions are fueling the Twist and Jacksonville fires. But the extreme heat is playing a role, too -- not only on how crews put out the fire, but how they prepare themselves for the fight.

"The high heat, low humidities definitely will play a factor in their ability to work the fire line and the duration so we really need to emphasize hydration," Avila said.

Heading into this heat wave, Cal Fire is preaching caution.

"Ultimately, yeah, we don't want more fires to start. We ask everybody -- now is not the time to go out and use your weed eaters and lawn mowers, that'll help give us a break," Avila said.

A message to help prevent another fire in a season that's already seen so much destruction.