Lodi Kidnapping Victim Speaks Out After Escaping from Trunk of Car

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LODI -- "I know he did bad but, his intentions  weren't to kill me, or harm me, or anything. Even though he did put me in the trunk, but..." said 18-year-old Jaime Torres.

Lodi police have arrested 18-year-old Cliserio Ortiz for the incident Saturday.
After he and his girlfriend, Torres, got in a fight, police say Ortiz grabbed Torres, forced her into the trunk of a car and took off.

FOX40 asked Torres how she knew about the trunk release so that she could escape.

"Well. It's inside of a trunk and it glows in the dark. And I just saw it and I pulled it and it just opened," she said.

Torres said the car was moving slowly so she jumped out without her alleged captor's knowledge.

In contradiction to other media reports on this story, Torres says she was in the trunk for minutes up to half an hour -- it's hard to judge in a situation like that.
She went home, but it was a friend who told her parents, who then called police to report what had happened.

When asked how she felt about Ortiz's arrest she said:

"It hurts. A lot. It really sucks," she said.

Torres said she plans on attending Ortiz's hearing, where she hopes to speak.

"I don't know if they will let me, but I just don't want him to get 20 years. Because I heard that he was going to get 20-something years and I don't want that for him," Torres said.