Ride-Share Nightmare: Lyft Driver Says She was Attacked by Group of Passengers

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SACRAMENTO -- Nakayla Hall says she loves being an Lyft driver.

All my passengers would ask 'you have any scary stories, anything messed up happen?' I was like 'No,I got some funny ones," she said.

But after 15 months on the job, that changed after she said she had a run-in with violent passengers left her beaten, bruised and bleeding.

Just before 3 a.m. Thursday, Nakayla pulled up to the 7700 block of Amherst in South Sacramento to pick up a fare and found a large group of people waiting.

Nakayla says as they started to pile into her car she realized there were eight of them, but her car could only safely carry six. She told them only six could ride -- and they didn't take the news well.

"'No f--- that, it's your job, you're going to take us," she remembered them saying.

After several minutes of arguing, Nakayla says she made good on her threat to call 911 -- that's when things got physical.

"The gentleman in the front seat started pouring water on me," she said.

"The guy that said that he requested the Lyft came from the back seat and around to the front seat and then started punching me," she said.

She says as many as five people at a time were attacking her. Nakyala says she spent eight years in the Navy and was deployed twice overseas. But she'd never been through something like this.

"I've been through all kinds of situations, this is the first time I've been scared for my life," she said.

The suspects apparently broke the hinges on one car door, but Nakayla was able to drive about two blocks away and call police.

FOX40 went back to the address where Nakayla said she picked up the fare. Those residents didn't seem to have any idea what had gone on in front of their home.

"No it's not from us," they said.

Nakayla says she doesn't know if the suspects actually came from that house. At this point she doesn't blame anyone more than herself for not being more vigilant, and she hopes her story can keep other drivers safe.

"My complacency kind of helps lead to the situation. It's a learning situation, and I want to share it with other drivers," she said.

Lyft issued the following statement:

"What's being described here is shocking and completely unacceptable. As soon as we were made aware of this incident, we deactivated the passenger from the Lyft platform. Our concern is with the driver's well-being, and we have been in contact with her throughout the weekend. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation."

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Nakayla. You can donate here.