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Mother of North Highlands Homicide Victim Speaks Out

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SACRAMENTO -- Last month Aquanetta Gordon celebrated her youngest son's 22nd birthday.

"For someone to take a life, to take his life, another kid, they are just kids," she said.

Soon she will bury him.

"I wouldn't want any mother to feel this, for anybody to feel this," Gordon said.

Isaiah Bridgett was killed early Saturday morning in North Highlands.

Both family and investigators tell FOX40 Bridgett was in the back of a car about to leave a house party when he was shot in the head. He later died at the hospital.

Another man, also in the car's backseat, was shot in the arm. He survived.

"Victims were not involved in some of the altercations that were occurring before that, they are not quite clear if it was mistaken identity by the suspects in regards to shooting that car or not," Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Tony Turnbull said.

A witness told Bridgett's family a man walked up to the car and asked Isaiah if he knew what was going on at the party and then he opened fire.

Gordon says she obviously wants the person who killed her son to be caught, but adds that she will get no satisfaction knowing another mother will have a son in jail.

"Let's not make it a game, this is not a game, this is life, it's real and when you die it's eternal, you know," Gordon said.

This is not the first time Gordon has experienced the loss of a child.

"My eyes hurt, and everything is hurting because this is not my first time," she said.

Years ago, Gordon lost another son named Ben Underwood.

Underwood had been blind since he was diagnosed with bilateral retinal blastoma just before his third birthday -- the cancer came back when he was a teen.

Before he died, Underwood became famous for his ability to make clicking noises to sense his surroundings -- a technique called echo location.

Gordon says the two brothers were extremely close.

"Brother Ben was his heart, everywhere, Isaiah went Ben went, they was together always. Ben would hug Isaiah and rub his ear when he you don't need to click, so Isaiah was always his guide," Gordon said.

She said that after Underwood's death she reserved a spot at a local cemetery to be buried next to him. That spot will now go to Bridgett. The two brothers will be close once again.

"I have to visit my babies, I can't call them anymore, I can't get on them, I can't fuss at them," she said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for Bridgett's funeral costs. You can donate here.