Family, Co-Workers Remember Man Killed in Tragic Accident at Rancho Cordova Trucking Yard

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RANCHO CORDOVA -- Brian Neils, 37, died Monday in a tragic accident at his family owned business, PatCo Trucking, in Rancho Cordova.

His colleague, Frank Carrillo, said Neils was working on a big truck early Monday morning in the yard, and somehow a big box fell on him and crushed him.

Neils had a rare and incurable disease called cystinosis. The disease often destroys organs like kidneys, liver, eyes and central system. Only about 500 people in the country and 2,000 people in the world have  been diagnosed with cystinosis.

Carillo said Neils had been undergoing dialysis for 15 years, waiting for a kidney transplant. Neils finally got the call he had been waiting years for on Saturday saying he was the next in line for kidneys. And then, on Monday, he was in this tragic accident.

Carillo told FOX40 Cal OSHA came out to investigate and determined it was just a tragic accident.

"If you were having a bad day, you could just go to Brian. And you didn't even have to tell him what was wrong. It was just his energy, his vibe. It would put you in a better mood just by being around him. And for those that knew his story, what he was dealing with, then you knew why that was so amazing," Carrillo said.

Neils' brother Alex said he also fought cancer and was "unstoppable in life."

Neils' family is asking that in lieu of flowers, people donate to the Irvine, California-based Cystinosis Foundation.