Stockton Police, Community Members Come Together for National Night Out

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STOCKTON -- National Night Out could be considered one of the largest police-community parties in the nation.

In Stockton, community organizers and police officers say this event is an integral part of promoting peace.

"I think any time you have opportunity to build community camaraderie, like it's super important," said Tashante McCoy-Ham, a case manager with the Stockton Trauma Recovery Center.

Stockton police Chief Eric Jones hopes that neighbors will use the gatherings as a way to get to know each other.

"It's an opportunity for police officers and staff to come out and just interact, get to know one another. Maybe they have questions, maybe they have concerns for things going on in their neighborhood," Jones said.

McCoy Ham's brother Terri was murdered six years ago. And two years prior to that tragedy, she gave birth to her daughter Cobi Lynn, who was stillborn. She says she funneled her pain into power.

"What can I do with this pain? How can I aspire and empower not just other people but myself as a result of what happened?" McCoy-Ham said.

Now she works with other grieving families and puts them in touch with counselors and resources.

"Encouraging people and myself to look at the big picture and what we can do as a team versus what I can and cannot do as an individual," McCoy-Ham said.

While the changes she strives for may not take place tomorrow, she believes peace is just down the road.

"It may not even affect me, I may not be able to see the change, but I want to be able to do that for my children and the generations to come," she said.