Company Invests Millions for Green Projects in Sacramento Region

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento is known as the "Farm to Fork Capital of the World," but it got a new distinction Wednesday -- the first-ever "Electrify America Green City."

Electrify America, a company with ties to Volkswagen, is promising to invest millions of dollars in zero emission projects across the Sacramento region.

"It means we get to continue to be a vanguard here in the city and in the region and across the state of California," County Commissioner Phil Serna said. "In terms of expanding the market for zero emission vehicles, battery electric vehicles."

This all stems from last year's Volkswagon carbon emissions scandal. The company was forced to "do right" in four ways -- pay their civil and criminal penalties, fix and buy back cars already on the road, help remediate air quality and, finally, invest in new technologies.

The company will invest $800 million across the state for these projects. Of that $800 million, $44 million will be used in the Sacramento region to help low-income neighborhoods by providing access to electric vehicles.

"This type of technology is primarily been adopted by wealthy. And I think that needs to change," Electrify America CEO Mark McNabb said.