Deputies Bust Pot Grow in Calaveras County

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COPPEROPOLIS -- More than 12,000 plants were confiscated and at least 12 people were arrested since Monday in a series of busts to crack down on pot grows in Calaveras County.

"These are illegal growers. These are the people that are shipping this stuff out of the state," said Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio.

FOX40 joined the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department at a raid Wednesday in Mountain Ranch near Hunt and Silver Springs Road.

"This site, when we did some over flights and they did some low crawls, sounded like they had armed guards driving around," DiBasilio said.

They found hundreds of plants.

Among the rows and rows of marijuana plants there was a sign belonging to Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church. That same church leases the property in Yuba County where Tuesday two sheriff's deputies were shot. The two were responding to a disturbance involving a large marijuana grow.

Deputies arrested nine people during Wednesday's raid, but the founders of the church were not among them.

"That's part of the job when you sign on," he said.