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Neighbors Speak Out Following Shooting of Two Deputies in Yuba County

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OREGON HOUSE -- The quiet Yuba County community of Oregon House appeared to be back to normal Wednesday, but below the surface, neighbors are still reeling from the shootout that left a suspect dead and two deputies injured.

"It was as closest to a war zone as I have ever been in," said neighbor Mike Lee.

It was their worst fear realized -- SWAT vehicles, helicopters and ambulances on the 8900 block of Marysville Road.

It all started at a marijuana grow, when a man who tended the plants reportedly had a confrontation with another person. Someone called 911 and a shootout between Yuba County sheriff's deputies and the suspect followed.

Some residents say they had long been afraid violent crime like this would follow when new neighbors started to set up marijuana grows.

"Which bring drugs and dogs and threats," resident Tena Brown said.

Neighbors say they've noticed a change in the last two years.

"This summer we have everybody in this community has multiple grows around their house," Lee said.

The property at the center of Tuesday's raid was rented to a group that says they are a Rastafarian Church. They were cited last year for having too many marijuana plants.

Yuba County currently prohibits outdoor cultivation, but does allow for the cultivation of six marijuana plants indoors, according to county code enforcement.

The Yuba County county code enforcement manager says he does not have an open case on that property but after watching aerial footage he's not ruling out another investigation

As terrifying as Tuesday's ordeal was, one neighbor thinks it was what the community needed to demand the county take action.

"It may have awakened a lot more people to the severity of the grows," neighbor Michelle Lee said.