Visit the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary!

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Come visit Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary!  Since 1963, the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary has been committed to educating the need for responsible behavior toward all animals.  Contact the zoo to schedule an off site experience with their outreach program or to schedule a custom animal painting, both great ways to help contribute to the zoo.

More info:
Check website for times and admission prices
Summer hours, 9-3pm
Starting Sept 1st, regular hours, 10-4pm
Prices vary by day of the week and age.

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary
403 Stafford Street Folsom, CA 95630
(916) 351-3527
Folsom.CA.US - Zoo Sanctuary tab
Facebook: @FolsomCityZooSanctuary
Twitter: @FolsomCityZooSanctuary