Police Arrest 11 in Roseville Sex Trafficking Bust

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ROSEVILLE -- Police in Roseville have arrested 11 people in a sex trafficking bust, officials announced Friday.

Police said officers posed undercover as prostitutes and posted classifieds online. Men who responded for a "date" were told to meet them at a certain location, then arrested when offering money in exchange for sex acts, investigators said.

According to police, one man responded to the ads to offer to drive them to their "dates" in exchange for money. That man, later identified as 47-year-old Luis Enrique Allen of Sacramento, was arrested on felony pimping and pandering charges.

Ten others were arrested on prostitution charges. One man, 59-year-old James Richard Lucas, faces additional drug possession charges. Another man, 57-year-old Edward Lyman Jr., was also charged with illegal possession of tear gas.

"I definitely think Roseville is a growing area of concern for prostitution," said Nick Calicchia, who has worked in the restaurant and bar industries in Roseville for almost a decade. "With a lot of the hotels around Watt and 80 getting shut down people got to migrate and they've got to go where they feel wanted."