Teen Carjacking Suspects May be Connected to Series of Armed Robberies

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SACRAMENTO -- "He's right in my face, right here. He's pointing his gun like this. And he's shining his laser in my eyes," Lorenzo said.

It's what Sacramento Police call a 211 -- an armed robbery. And Lorenzo found himself, in front of his own home, right in the middle of one.

"He goes, this ain't enough. There's no money in here. It kind of like, he felt offended," Lorenzo said.

What Lorenzo didn't find out until later, is that he wasn't the only one. Police and sheriff's deputies responded to 211 after 211 Sunday morning -- nearly a dozen, according to some reports.

Investigators are trying to trace them all back to three juveniles who were arrested at 12:45 p.m. Sunday for a carjacking.

In the two hours and 15 minutes before the under-aged driver crashed the stolen car after a brief police chase, Sacramento police alone reported four armed robberies in Valley Hi/North Laguna, two in Greenhaven, two in North Natomas and one in Meadowview.

"I just felt like, at least I wasn't the only one. At least it wasn't just specific to me," Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo says he's seen the car the juveniles stole, and he's certain it was the same car that sped off with his assailant after he was robbed.

"The whole episode wasn't as big a deal as the thought of, wait a minute. This was my house... what's going on here," he said.

Sacramento Police call these 211s crimes of opportunity. The robbers fell upon most of their victims while they were either in front of their own homes or sitting in their own their cars, in many cases, both.