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Family Looking for Good Samaritans Who Helped Rescue Baby, Toddler from North Highlands Crash

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NORTH HIGHLANDS -- "Someone had hit her from the side on Kari's door on the passenger side, her car started spinning and then flipped, the next thing she knows when she awakens she is upside down," said Ashley Massaro.

Massaro is recounting what happened last Friday to her sister and her sister's two children in North Highlands.

Her sister, Andrea Barclay, remains at UC Davis Medical Center with back injuries. Barclay's son, 23-month-old Kari, is in serious condition, while her 8-month-old daughter Dessa only suffered some minor bruises.

As bad as it all sounds, family says it could have been worse.

"She's trying to get her children out because she could smell the fumes of gas leaking into the vehicle, she could not get her children out, she started screaming 'Please somebody save my babies, please somebody save my babies!'" Massaro said.

And her prayers were answered.

"It was a couple, they walked over there, and then there was another guy that walked across the street, and they're the ones that help them," witness Irene Zapata said.

Zapata lives right next to where the crash happened.

"Took the kids out of the car, and I just want everybody to know that whoever helped them, I hope you're looking at this news tonight because you guys are a blessing," Zapata said.

Massaro and her family are hoping that those good Samaritans are watching, too.

They say with his injuries and hanging upside down, if Kari wasn't pulled out right away, it may have taken his life.

The family now just wants to say thank you.

"They saved her babies, and we couldn't be any more grateful, she just wants to say they are here because of you," Massaro said.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family.