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Locals Prepare for the Solar Eclipse

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CITRUS HEIGHTS -- Mother nature is getting ready to put on an amazing show -- the total eclipse of the sun.

As people across the country prepare to watch the moon cover the sun on August 21, NASA recommends using special shades or welding lenses.

Harris Industrial Gases is selling the lenses in its stores for just a few dollars.

"So it's like a really strong, concentrated sunglasses," said Leah Sainsbury with Harris Industrial Gases.

They'll allow people to take in the spectacular sight while protecting themselves from infrared and UV light. And the welding shops have been selling the lenses fast.

"Some people come in and buy two or three, and some come in and buy 20 at a time," Sainsbury said.

Some are snagging them for viewing parties or before they head out of town to the path of totality, where the total eclipse can be seen.

In Northern California only a partial eclipse will be visible. But that isn't stopping people from preparing for the rare moment.

"Everybody seems to be really excited about it," Sainsbury said.