Lottery Fever Sweeps Through California as Both Jackpots Surpass $300M

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LAND PARK -- For the first time in California lottery history both the Powerball and Mega Millions surpassed the $300 million jackpot in the same week.

A lot of people who come into convenient stores are used to buying one ticket, but when they see the big number for the other game they buy both.

The odds of winning one of them is one out of more than 250 million. The odds of winning both lotteries are one in 75 quadrillion. That's 15 zeroes.

To put that into perspective, the odds of naturally birthing sextuplets is one in 4.7 billion.

Still people are going lotto crazy.

The Mega Millions numbers are 23, 33, 53, 56, 58 and the Mega number is 6. The winning Powerball numbers are 20, 24, 26, 35, 49 and the Powerball number is 19.