Sacramento Police Look for Driver who Left Scene of Crash that Killed Motorcyclist

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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento police are searching for a driver that sped away from a fatal crash with a motorcyclist Wednesday on Norwood Avenue.

The motorcyclist was splitting lanes along Norwood Avenue around 10:26 p.m. The light was red as the motorcycle entered the intersection shared with the eastbound off-ramp of Interstate 80.

A white BMW sedan was exiting I-80 on a green light when the motorcycle collided with it.

The driver of the BMW stopped for a moment following the collision then drove away down Norwood Avenue.

The motorcyclist later died at a local hospital.

The Sacramento Police Department reports they are looking for the driver of the BMW, which they say was either a 3 or 5 series and may have damage to its left side as a result of the collision. More than one person may have been in the car at the time.