New Garage Aims to Help Sac State Parking Woes

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SACRAMENTO -- When school starts at the end of August, Sac State students will be seeing a lot of "No Parking" signs.

The limited parking, more so than usual, is because of several construction projects -- a new residence hall, an expansion to the student union center, a new science building and a five-story parking structure.

The new garage is set to open in January and will feature 1,000 parking spots.

"(Parking) can get pretty hectic. Like during the first two weeks usually it takes one to two hours to find parking sometimes," student Connie Luong said.

The school is aware, too.

"I think we are going to have plenty of parking for the students. We are actually, with the addition of our Ramona lot, we are adding about a thousand spaces there and we've added more spaces than we've taken offline," Tony Lucas, the school's director of parking and transportation, told FOX40.

The off-campus parking lot on Ramona Avenue will have a continuous shuttle running from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. The permit for the Ramona lot will be $87. A permit to park anywhere on campus costs double -- at $174.

"I don't really trust the shuttle," student Erica Wong said. "The place I live at, they do offer shuttle services but it breaks down a lot, so it's not reliable."

University officials say there will be 13,000 spaces available for the 30,000 plus students and the expect the start of the semester to be the biggest challenge.

"Crunch time on campus is the first two weeks because, normally, we don't have every student here on campus at the same time," Lucas said. "But come the first two weeks we have most of the students here because they are coming here to add or drop classes."

Student Bianca Hill has some parking advice for incoming students -- the early bird gets the spot.

"At least the first two weeks of school, before 8 o'clock, because everybody is here trying to get early classes or just trying to find a parking space," she said.