Is Crime in Elk Grove on the Rise?

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ELK GROVE -- With two murders last month and a recent shooting, some longtime residents believe crime in Elk Grove is on the rise.

"In the last month, there has been shootings, robberies in my backyard. I've lived here 28 years," said longtime resident Maureen Chauvie.

Chauvie has had enough. After raising her son here, she's packing up and moving to Texas to join her sister.

She says once she leaves the safety of her gated neighborhood community, it's all down hill.

"Coming out here, I look around and it, I hate to say it, but there's ghetto, a lot of ghetto coming in and its heart breaking," she said.

John Peterson also calls Elk Grove home. He's worked nearly 30 years as a peace officer in South Sacramento.

"I have been amazed at the increase in crime," Peterson said.

He says it has gotten easier for people to choose violence over finding resolutions or simply just walking away.

But resident Rohit Singh says he doesn't believe the recent violence in Elk Grove is indicative of the city as a whole.

"There's gonna be crime everywhere," he said.

Singh said he feels safe living in Elk Grove.

"I feel really safe out here. I feel safe with my kids out here, we could go outside. Yeah, I have no worries," Singh said.

Police Chief Bryan Noblett says people's perception of crime may be skewed by the two murders in the city last month, considering there were none in the previous year and a half.

"Our crime is actually down 5 percent in violent crime and 5 percent in property crime, in 2017 over 2016," Noblett said.

But the chief says just one homicide is cause for alarm.

"We not only have to manage the effects of crime and respond to crimes when they occur, but we also have to work with residents when they're fearful of crime," Noblett said.

They do that by encouraging residents to call police when they see crimes happen in their area because they can only deal with problems if they're made aware of them.

"I live here because it's safe. Because I believe it's safe for my children to go to school. For my wife and I to shop. And I want our residents to enjoy that same level of security," he said.

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