Sacramento’s Drought-Era Water Restrictions Remain In Place for Summer Months

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SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento City Council decided Tuesday evening to keep drought-era watering rules in place for summer months, despite an official end to the statewide drought emergency this past winter.

The council's message is that conservation is a way of life for the city.

"When they saw all that rain come down people got in a different mindset, started to do like they did before," resident Wayne Menard said. "I think it's a good thing."

People like Diane Edwards say they loved how green and beautiful lawns and parks looked after the wet winter, but neighbors have to do what is right for the environment every day.

"I don't want to see all the lawns die. I don't want to see all the trees die. But when we have bad years, we have bad years," Edwards said.

Edwards says she sees homes in her East Sacramento neighborhood over-watering all the time -- and there is a smarter way to keep your yard green.

"You use drip irrigation," she said. "Choose what you plant that's good for the area."

The watering rules don't apply  to drip irrigation, hand-held hoses or households that use "smart controllers."