Elk Grove Mom Says Her Two Daughters Were in Barcelona at Time of Attack

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ELK GROVE -- Through messages and pictures, Elk Grove mom Veronica Van Orman has followed the trip her two daughters took to Barcelona since they left Saturday.

But Thursday, the tone of their messages changed from excitement to fear.

"'Stephanie just got us flights home, we are going to start packing, we should get to the airport at 6:30 a.m.,'" Van Orman recalled her daughter saying.

Stephanie and Carla cut their week-long trip short. The women were just blocks away in their hotel when a van mowed down dozens on the tourist street of Las Ramblas.

The weight of the world was on Van Orman's shoulders until she got the cal -- her girls are OK.

"We're safe, we're in the hotel, we're trying to make arrangements to come home," Van Orman said her daughters told her.

Van Orman says her daughters visited the area just two days prior. Now it's the scene of a terror attack that took the lives of at least 13 people.

"Your biggest fear is that your children are involved in it, that it's them, that they're the ones injured or hurt," Van Orman said.

In the short conversation she had with them, Van Orman says her daughters described the panic in the streets.

"She just said it was chaotic, traffic wasn't moving very fast, it was at a standstill, cars weren't getting in or out," Van Orman said.

Although the safe return of her daughters overwhelms her with a sense of relief, Van Orman says she can't help but think about the people who aren't as lucky.

"Have this guilt of all these who were killed, all these people who were hurt, and those families that don't get their loved ones back," she said.