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Clerk Retaliates After Suspect Attacks Him with Golf Club, Machete

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SACRAMENTO — A suspect with a golf club and a dull machete got into a fight with a clerk who had his own set of weapons Friday at a South Sacramento convenience store.

A clerk at the 7-Eleven on 43rd Avenue near South Land Park approached a man after he stole an item from the store.

In response, the man grabbed a dull machete and a golf club from his car and began attacking the clerk with them. The two began fighting in the store when the clerk grabbed his own golf club and retaliated.

The suspect escaped into his parked car just as the clerk grabbed a board. Using his golf club, the clerk smashed in the driver’s side window of the suspect’s car.

Officers arrived at the convenience store but the suspect had already fled the scene.

The clerk sustained minor injuries.

The police department did not provide a suspect description and the convenience store employee has not been identified.