Antelope Community Rallies Behind Boy with Cancer

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ANTELOPE -- It's no secret that Nathaniel Cerrano loves superheroes.

But at just 5 years old, he has found himself in a battle for his life.

"He went to school for a normal day. He took his school picture," said his mom, Elizabeth "He started feeling sick so his teacher sent him to the office."

A few days later, Nathaniel was diagnosed with Leukemia. The hospital soon became his home away from home.

"He was very sick, unable to walk, go to the bathroom or eat on his own," Cerrano said.

Once Nathaniel was able to eat again, he had one request -- watermelon sorbet from Yogurt City in Antelope.

"That was one of the first things he wanted to eat when he was able to eat in the hospital, so he asked my sister and she was nice enough to pick it up for him," Cerrano said.

Nathaniel's aunt shared the story with one of the owners of Yogurt City. They were touched. As the parent of a 5-year-old of his own, Yogurt City owner C.K. Sahota knew he had to help.

"I grew up in Antelope," he said. "I've been here 24 years. This is our community."

The shop held a fundraiser -- donating half of their proceeds from one day to the Cerrano family.

Such an act of kindness from a complete stranger was a comfort to the family.

"All of them have been so supportive and we're so thankful for everything that they've done for us and the support they've shown," Cerrano said.

Now in remission, Nathaniel is still undergoing chemotherapy. He's a brave little boy that proves not all superheroes wear capes.

"I'm like, 'How do you do what you do?' Being so young and still being so positive all the time, laughing all the time," Cerrano said. "He still has so much energy, which is great."

Nathaniel now takes life one watermelon sorbet at a time.

Yogurt City will hold another fundraiser for Nathaniel on Sept. 1. There is also a GoFundMe campaign for those who wish to donate.

Amy Henderson contributed to this report.