Community Attends Bone Marrow Drive to Help Boy Battling Rare Blood Disease

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- A West Sacramento 6-year-old is fighting for his life and tonight his community is joining the fight with him.

Tyler Getz is battling a rare blood disease called severe aplastic anemia.

Friday afternoon dozens of people came to the Southport Community Church to see if they could be the bone marrow match that could save Tyler's life.

After answering a few questions, participants in this drive had the inside of their cheeks swabbed so their DNA can be compared with the list of those needing bone marrow.

Coming out to get on the registry was an easy decision for Tyler's nextdoor neighbor.

"First and foremost he's a child, so we'll do anything we can to support him," said Ruth Pagano-Trn. "But, also for the parents, just to show that we care. There's no greater gift that you can give, so if we can help."

About 35 people came out during the 3-hour drive.

It will be roughly six weeks before anyone swabbed today will find out if they're a match to Tyler or anyone else counting on a bone marrow donation.

If you weren't able to get tested this afternoon, you can log on to ' ' and request a swab kit be sent to your home.