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Folsom Lake Campgrounds Remain Popular Holiday Weekend Spot Despite Soaring Temperatures

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FOLSOM -- Beal's Point campground in Folsom along the lake is sold out this Labor Day weekend.

The campground has 70 spots.

The other camping spot at Folsom Lake is the Peninsula campground. No fires are allowed there this weekend, even camp fires, because of the triple-digit heat and a couple of other fires there this summer. The "no fire" rule came down on August 1 and will be in effect until further notice.

Still, campers don't seem to mind the extreme heat.

Troy  Wadeam came to Beal's Point from Sacramento to camp with friends. He says, since he's so close to home, he has the option of leaving if temperatures become too much.

"Right now, it's still up in the air," Wadeam said.

Andrew Pilkenton is camping with his family. He says as long as he has water, he'll be fine.

"The heat is not really an issue," Pilkenton said. "We got the lake and a lot of water. Just keep the water cold and it's really nice."