Labor Day Brunch at ‘Capitol Garage’

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The Capitol Garage story started in 1992... The concept was simple, provide Sacramento with a music venue for an emerging punk scene.  The space was a garage located across from the capitol, serving punk rock, coffee, and small bites.  Hosting shows from artists spanning genres, the stage has seen local talent and a few big names as well.  As time went on the business grew and developed.  In 2004 Capitol Garage moved to it's current location on 15th and K street.  Fast forward to today, the space still pays homage to it's punk roots with walls adorned with local art and other highlights from the past venue. Moving from just coffee to a full menu and bar, Capitol Garage has grown to satisfy the tastes of the growing capitol city.  One thing that hasn't changed is the love for Sacramento and the dedication to service.  Stop by today and see a living piece of Sacramento history!

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