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Extreme Heat, Car Theft May Have Triggered Medical Emergency for Man Attending Chalk It Up! Festival

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SACRAMENTO -- Extreme heat and a car theft may have triggered a medical emergency for an attendee of a downtown street art festival.

The Chalk it Up! festival drew over a hundred artists leaving their mark on the sidewalks around Fremont Park in downtown Sacramento.

After two weeks of being severely ill, Steve Robles felt good enough to attend the festival Saturday.

"I was hoping it wouldn't get really hot until afternoon," he said.

But by 1 p.m. it was around 100 degrees and Steve and his dog Boris walked what was supposed to be a short distance to his car around 15th and P. But the car was nowhere to be found.

"That classic feeling you have when you go out to the parking lot and know what stall you parked in but it's not there," Robles said.

Steve is diabetic and is on dialysis because of kidney failure. At that point he was not feeling very well and headed back to the park.

"Made it about five steps, flashing in and out of consciousness, and then 'Bam!'" he said.

He passed out in the middle of the sidewalk, saying he suffered from low blood sugar and heat stroke. But a series of Chalk it Up volunteers and artists gave him support and medical attention, helped him search for his car and watched his dog.

"It's really amazing how strangers can react to a situation," Robles said.

Steve credits them with saving his life, and he holds onto to that good feeling since after what he says was an extensive search. He's now convinced someone stole his car.

"Yin and Yang, you've got these brilliant angels on one side and you've got these shady people stealing my car," he said.

Robles has filed a police report and says he has confirmed with the city of Sacramento that his car was not towed.