Local Man Prepares to Donate Kidney to Longtime Friend

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FAIR OAKS -- It's a friendship built on a foundation of faith and basketball.

"Like a father figure toward me, a real cool guy," said Martin Keitt.

For years, Doug Veale and Martin Keitt have bonded on the court at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church.

But one day, Martin shared some shocking, personal news.

"He says, 'Yeah, gonna need a kidney' and I said 'Really?'" Veale said. "He really stunned me when he said that."

Last year he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He's been on dialysis and multiple donors have fallen through.

"He kinda volunteered, I didn't wanna ask too many people I figure my time will come," Keitt said.

Martin didn't want to ask Doug but Doug felt compelled to help -- to give his left kidney. At first he didn't think Martin believed the length he was willing to go for a friend.

"I think he thinks I'm sincere now," Veale said.

Fast forward to now, multiple tests later.

"He was a match!" Keitt said.

The two will go into surgery on Tuesday.

"He pretty much saved my life," Keitt said.

Two men -- different ages, different races will be forever linked by Doug's decision to give his friend a lifeline.

"Words can't explain what he's done for me and my family," Keitt said.

Doug says he's not scared at all. He thinks giving his kidney to Martin is in God's plan.