Sacramento FEMA Task Force Receives Outpouring of Support from Texas Residents

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SACRAMENTO — There has been an outpouring of support for local fire crews from the residents of Texas.

Among the crew members of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 7 are firefighters from the Sacramento and Roseville fire departments as well as the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

The Sacramento Fire Department posted some of the thanks from the flooded front lines to their Facebook Sunday.

“Our home is flooded in Richwood Texas (as I type this) and these kind men came all this way, helped us by boat into our home to save what little we still could,” wrote Melissa Cummings Carson in a review on the page. “They even held bags as we filled them with clothes and items.”

Fourteen members of the boat and swift-water rescue team from Sacramento drove around 2,000 miles to Houston and arrived in the area Tuesday, leaving just two days after Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas.

“Crews from Sacramento’s @fema CATF7 team working in the Houston area, tasked with secondary searches & property recovery,” wrote the fire department Sunday morning.

Chief Rick Bartee of the Roseville Fire Department has been working as an incident support team leader in Texas, where he says the conditions mirror many of those seen during Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s very Katrina-like, where folks needed to be removed from their homes, or they couldn’t get out on their own, or they chose to stay until the water got there and they needed to get out,” Bartee said.

Harvey victims have been returning home to begin cleanup efforts while other neighborhoods in parts of west Houston have been told to evacuate as waters from the Addicks and Barker reservoirs poured into Buffalo Bayou.

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