Woman Speaks Out After Man Suspected of Killing Her Mom, Sister is Shot, Killed by Police

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SACRAMENTO -- "It just all seems so unreal."

Numb and in shock, Marcella Lucas is absorbing a heartbreaking loss.

"My mom was, like, really fun," she said. "She liked to talk, dance, sing."

Arrest warrant for Eric Dwan Arnold.

Her mother, Erica Wallace, and her 17-year-old sister Kiara Lasalle were found dead in their Meadowview home last Friday. Her mother's live-in boyfriend was the suspect in the murders.

"You don't just go from no type of abuse to killing somebody," Lucas said.

Police say that same man is the suspect who opened fire at officers in South Sacramento on Friday morning, hitting two Sacramento police veterans. Officers fired back at the suspect, killing him.

"Not only are we positive he is the suspect we are looking for, and the car that we were looking for, but he's also the one that burst from his car and shot multiple rounds at our officers," Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn said.

The suspect is identified as 41-year-old Eric Dwan Arnold. 

Lucas said he had multiple aliases and described him as "secluded and standoffish."

"I think he wanted to die," Lucas said.

For her, the outcome is both relieving and frustrating -- as she processes the loss of both her mother and her younger sister.

"I really didn't want them to kill him until I had a chance to talk to him," she said.

Lucas says she would ask him why he killed her mother.

Lucas says she is in such a state of shock that she hasn't broken down yet. It doesn't seem real.

She described her mother and fun and rambunctious. Her sister loved to sing and dance and was about to turn 18 years old.