Armed Man Drives Away from Police During Traffic Stop, Crashes Jaguar into Stop Light

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Monroe’s car following the crash. (Credit: Suisun City Police Department)

SUISUN CITY — A man armed with a loaded handgun was arrested early Saturday morning after he tried driving away from police during a traffic stop and crashed into a stop light.

Suisun City Police officers pulled over Amadi Monroe, 28, for a stop sign violation on Fulmar Drive and Peterson Road, right next to Walmart.

When police approached him, Monroe was “verbally uncooperative” and an open alcohol container could be seen in a cup holder in his car. Additionally, it was found that his license had been suspended.

As officers were receiving more information on Monroe, the Oakland resident sped away from the scene and through the adjacent Walmart parking lot.

Monroe lost control of his Jaguar before hitting a traffic light.

Despite the crash, Monroe ran from the car and continued to fight police when they attempted to arrest him.

(Credit: Suisun City Police Department)

Officers later found a loaded, semi-automatic handgun in the driver’s seat.

The 28-year-old was hospitalized then booked into the Solano County JailĀ on probable cause and charged on suspicion of multiple felonies.