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Rivals Clash at Holy Bowl 2017

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SACRAMENTO -- For the 47th time two of Sacramento's finest Catholic preparatory high schools faced off on the football field for Holy Bowl.

Jesuit came away with a big victory over Christian Brothers, 43 to 14.

"Holy Bowl is just our special game," said Spence Bowington, a sophomore at Christian Brothers. "It's the rivalry between Jesuit and Christian Brothers."

To put it another way, it's the game boys dream about playing in.

"Really fun to go to, to watch," said Johnny Koett, a sixth grader. "A lot of people who go to this want to play one day, hopefully."

It's also the game older guys look back on.

"Well, just as an alumni, kind of seeing the same things going on that we went through, you know, with the rally crew," said Jeff Abegglen, who graduated from Jesuit in 1979. "All the spirit going on between the teams."

And while it's true Jesuit has dominated the contest in recent years, their last defeat was 2009, that hasn't blunted the spirit of competition, nor did it dull the halo around Hughes Stadium.