Local Memorials Mark 16 Years since 9/11 Attacks

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SACRAMENTO -- Community members gathered Monday morning in Cal Expo to mark 16 years since the 9/11 terror attacks in New York.

A 125,000-pound steel beam from the World Trade Center towers and a fountain displaying the names of the thousands of people who died that day are on display.

"Remembering 9/11 is very important to us," Cal Expo CEO and General Manager Rick Pickering said. "There a number of California residents that were involved, lost their lives or responded to help assist with the recovery effort."

Air Force Veteran George Allen brought his 7-year-old daughter to the memorial.

"I want them to know what's going on, what happened," he said. "You should never forget because if you forget then you let your guard down and something like this can end up happening again."

The event was meant to honor those who died and the first responders who risked their lives, running into the burning towers and everyone else ran out.

Meanwhile, in Downtown Sacramento, firefighters took part in their annual tradition of climbing the stairs of the Renaissance Tower in honor of their 343 brothers who lost their lives responding to the attack.

Firefighters from Oakland, San Francisco, Folsom and other cities have taken part in the climb every year since 2006.

"We each get to carry the name of someone who died in the towers and it's really a special experience," Folsom firefighter Eric Johnson said.

The Renaissance Tower is not as tall at the World Trade Center towers, so firefighters have to climb the building three times to get to 110 stories, and it's not easy while wearing their full gear.

Along with Northern California's finest was FDNY Captain Mark Gregory, who served during 9/11.

"Sixteen years, I've been going to a New York City firehouse with my family and when I walked in the door today and I saw all of you I know I made the right choice," Gregory told the group.