Sacramento Police K-9 Slashed by Suspect in Del Paso Heights Area

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K9 Reno

DEL PASO HEIGHTS — A Sacramento Police K-9 was injured during a confrontation with a suspect on Monday night, police said.

The incident began around 9:30 p.m. near Marysville Boulevard and South Avenue where the suspect was observed driving recklessly.

(Photo Courtesy: Sacramento Police Department)

Police say the suspect ran his pick-up truck through two gates at the William J. Kinney Police Facility on Marysville Boulevard. In the lot he struck and significantly damaged an occupied patrol vehicle.

The suspect then drove out of the lot — with the police department gate still attached to his vehicle — and collided with the front gate of a residence on Rosalind Street.

The man then exited the vehicle in an attempt to flee.

Officers deployed the K-9 Reno and the suspect was able to fight the dog off multiple times.

During the struggle, the suspect was shot by an officer in his leg.

The suspect fled over a fences as he struggled with Reno. During the struggle, Reno sustained at least two lacerations.

The man then proceeded to knock on the door of a home to ask for help. When the homeowner refused, the suspect assaulted him with a metal pipe and entered the home, leaving the victim outside.

After a short amount of time, the suspect came back outside with the homeowner’s car keys. The two of them got into another physical altercation as the suspect attempted to take the vehicle.

Responding officers saw the fight and tased the suspect to gain control and take him into custody.

He was transported to an area hospital and is listed in critical but stable condition.

The K-9 Reno is in stable condition and is awaiting surgery at an area Veterinary hospital.

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