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Stockton Considers Buying New City Hall Building

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STOCKTON -- The city of Stockton may be in the market for a new city hall building.

City Council will be discussing the potential $13.6 million purchase of the Waterfront Towers at 501 and 509 W. Weber Avenue.

But some think the money would be better spent elsewhere.

“Complete updating, a roof, HVAC system, anything that you would need to do to the building needs to be done,” said Economic Development Director Micah Runner.

Stockton's City Hall is the cornerstone of the community, but with cracks on the outside and ongoing repairs inside, some think it's time to go.

“Historic city hall, it would need a major renovation. This building is almost a hundred years old,” Runner said.

The city of Stockton will be discussing the potential $13.6 million purchase of the Waterfront Towers on Weber Avenue.

“There’s no debt, no financing, this is all done with cash that we have on reserves and other funds available right now,” Runner said.

But community advocate Motecuzoma Sanchez criticizes the potential real estate deal.

“I would like to know where this money is coming from because services, basic services, like libraries, police officers, you know the community’s being told that they don’t have money for that,” Sanchez said.

Right now — city workers work in two separate buildings.

Most work in the Chase building, which is a leased, not owned, space.

The rest remain in city hall.

“I think they should stick tight here in city hall, figure out the problems that seem to me to be mostly cosmetic,” Sanchez said.

Runner says if they renovate — it may cost taxpayers more in the long run.

“Between the expensive renovations that need to happen and the need to build another annex building or something to go along with it, it’s just a really expensive proposition," Runner said.

With city hall’s age showing more and more each day — the city and its community will need to make a decision soon.

If city hall is moved to the new waterfront location, officials want the public to know they do not plan on demolishing the old building, they want to keep it standing for its historical value.

City council is set to discuss this issue on Sept., 19. Read more about the city’s proposal.