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County Seeks to Revitalize Rio Linda Shopping Center

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RIO LINDA -- The strip mall and shopping center at 970 Oak Lane in Rio Linda currently has just four business occupants in a space that could hold 18.

"This used to be the hub of Rio Linda," Julia Draper, the owner of the Creek Side Diner, told FOX40.

Her diner is one of the few businesses that remain.

Once home to a grocery store and a bank, that were considered the business anchors, the property is mostly empty rooms.

Recently, though, potential buyers for the property have done walkthroughs. The county hopes that one will buy it and reinvest into the community.

"It has already been listed as a special planning zone with flexibility," Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost said.

That means the new owners have options of what to do, if and when one buys the property.

Frost had enlisted an economic developer to get feed back from the community in the next couple of months.

"This is what you do, you get a property like this and flip it,"  Rio Linda resident Michael Huiras said. He says he's been trying for years to get business to move in.

Huiras believes the reason why many of the business that were once here left is because the old owner of the property didn't maintain the buildings and its surroundings

However, with new potential buyers, he has some ideas of what he thinks will help his community the most.

"These people have been here for a very long time. They are very connected to the community. So, if we can get a doctors office in here, maybe some medical services. Mental health would be awesome," Huiras said.