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Folsom Police Say Thieves Are Stealing Garage Door Openers to Break Into Homes

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FOLSOM -- After a couple of recent home break-ins, police in Folsom are warning residents to lock up at night and to be especially careful of what they're leaving in plain sight inside their cars.

"I heard a loud knock on the door, which I thought was kind of interesting being it was 5:30 in the morning," said Tony Moran, who lives on Thorndike Way.

It's not the time of day Tony Moran usually gets visitors at his home.

"It was the Folsom PD because I did have my garage door open," Moran said. "They must of just had an incident here in the neighborhood because he was doing patrols, and he was doing some interviews down the street."

With some very nice bicycles inside, the officer told Moran to make sure he closed his garage door.

"We've had a few incidents of thefts," Sgt. Andrew Bates with the Folsom Police Department.

On Sunday, Folsom police say a lot of property was stolen from another garage on Thorndike Way. They believe the thieves are first getting into people's cars and using the clicker to get into the house.

That's why officers want you to keep them out of sight.

"If you've clipped your garage door opener right on to your sun visor where it's visible, that might tempt thieves to break into your cars," Bates said.

Thursday Folsom police had another report of a garage door opener stolen from a car in the Natoma Station area. Fortunately, whoever took it, never tried to get into the house.

"I'll keep that in mind about the remote, because my garage door opener is in there," said Lil Douglas. "This thing is out here all night, because we've got two other cars in there."

Some garages have locks, but police say there's another, simpler solution.

"You can always unplug your garage door opener from the wall. Without electricity, your garage door opener won't go up or down without the remote, and even if someone were to try to push it, the motor is still in place there and will still keep it down," Bates said.

Still other neighbors who live on Thorndike are not taking any chances.

"Oh, I'm going to get an alarm put on my house today," said Diane Keeler, who lives on Thorndike Way.

Folsom police also say they had another recent break-in where a suspect entered a home through an open kitchen window. Officers are reminding residents although their community is typically safe, that they shouldn't get complacent.