Man Describes Fight with Person Suspected of Slashing Sacramento Police K-9

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SACRAMENTO -- For Daniel Federwitz, it started with a knock on his door. A man wanted a ride.

Federwitz had no idea that the man had just smashed up his own truck -- first into a police cruiser, then the gate at a police substation and finally into another fence across the street.

"And I kept telling him, 'No, I'm not giving you a ride.' And he swung a metal pipe at me, and hit me, and we got in a big fight right here on the porch," Federwitz said.

He told FOX40 why he decided to fight.

"Just because... I'm bigger than he was," Federwitz said.

The blood on the porch didn't come from Federwitz, but from the man he was fighting, who by that time had been shot in the leg by a Sacramento Police officer. That shooting happened after police say the man stabbed the K-9 dog Reno.

"When we were fighting, I hit him a bunch of times and it wasn't phasing him," Federwitz said. "I hit him with the pipe when I got it away from him and it didn't even phase him. He just kept coming. It was like he was feeling no pain and I couldn't really stop him."

But Federwitz did slow the man down.

The man was still eventually able to get into Federwitz's house, steal his keys and try to flee in Federwitz's car. Police were able to catch up and use a Taser on the man to get him into custody.

"I got some scrapes and bruises but I'm alright," Federwitz said.

Meanwhile, K-9 Reno is recovering after surgery Tuesday. He's expected to make a full recovery.