‘Worst 45 Minutes of My Life:’ Vacaville Police Warn of Kidnapping Phone Scam

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VACAVILLE -- James Hale says he had the worst 45 minutes of his life last week.

Hale got a call, appearing to be coming from Mexico. On the other end, Hale says, was a voice that sounded like his daughter's. She said she was in a van and there were male voices yelling in the background before the call suddenly disconnected.

Panicked, Hale dialed 911 to report the call to Vacaville Police.

"All I'm thinking is, 'Please don't kill my kid. Please don't hurt her. What can I do?'" Hale said. "That's all I'm thinking. That's it."

The mysterious number called again, demanding a ransom. Hale rushed to the bank to withdraw money.

"It was the worst 45 minutes of my life," Hale said.

Vacaville Police caught up with Hale, who had withdrawn $4,000. It turns out, Hale's daughter was fine. She was in class at her high school in Fairfield.

Officers say police in Fairfield reported two similar incidents on the same day, though it's unknown if the calls were connected.