Hate-Filled Letters Left on Door of Elk Grove Salon

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ELK GROVE -- A surprise greeted the owner of Dream Girls Fine Hair Imports and Salon on Tuesday morning, but it was far from a pleasant greeting.

Sharie Wilson found two letters, and inside, she found hate. The letters were filled with racial slurs and threatening and derogatory messages.

"I also have white clients, Hispanic clients, Vietnamese, I have other races come in here. I just feel like when some people come through Wilton, this is Old Elk Grove, they don't like to see a black business here," Wilson said.

Wilson has been in business on Elk Grove Boulevard for 11 years and says this is the most serious threat she's ever faced at her store.

"Normally we get calls, we get people walking down the street calling us N----- B----, go back home, go back to the ghetto, but this is the first time we have gotten a letter," Wilson said.

Elk Grove Police said they have only one other incident similar to this on record and that was back in February 2016. But according to Wilson, she says her business has been attacked at least six or seven different times with racial slurs.

Earlier this year, a bag filled with feces was thrown at the salon door.

After finding the letters, Wilson called the Elk Grove police. They are now investigating it as a hate crime and terrorist threat.

Wilson is already taking extra precautions.

"Those locks are on that door because I'm scared. I am. I don't know what is going to happen next," Wilson said.

Wilson says she plans on adding more security, but she hopes this attack opens a deeper conversation about how we treat each other.

"What is it going to take for Elk Grove to wake up and say this is serious. Somebody gotta be hung on a light pole? Hung?" Wilson said.