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Sacramento Police Officers Have First Negotiated Contract with City Since 2005

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SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento Police Officers Association’s contract with the city was approved Tuesday night.

They had to give up their uniform allowance in the deal, but tonight Sacramento police officers officially have their first negotiated contract with their city since 2005.

“We’ve been losing officers…50 to 60 officers per year. This will allow us to recruit. We have about 100 open positions. This will allow us to fill those positions,” said Tim Davis, president of the Sacramento Police Officers Association.

The president of the police officers association believes those changes can take place thanks to a 17 percent pay hike for those on the beat.

Before, city officers were 22 percent below the regional market value for officers, now they’ll be just three percent below.

This contract also includes a $5,000 incentive for department members who buy a house into the city of Sacramento.

The city negotiators and the SPOA actually solidified the terms of this contract in July, but had to wait for council members to rubber-stamp the deal.