4-Year-Old Stroke Survivor Gets Chance to Meet Some of His Favorite Superheroes

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SACRAMENTO -- "Come on, let me see you flex! Oh, try not to flex too hard, you're making me look bad," Spider-Man said.

It's a good look for Jonathan Hunt. The smile, the experience, the 4-year-old boy is meeting some of his favorite superheroes.

Just eight months ago, Jonathan was fighting for his life.

"He was jumping on a big trampoline with all of the kids, they were outside just having fun and he jumped with his head tilted to the side and it cause a tearing of his carotid and he in turn had a stroke," his mom said.

The stroke left Jonathan partially paralyzed. He couldn't walk. He spent six weeks at UC Davis Children's Hospital in Sacramento. He's home now, but he has a lot of work to do. Although he's up and walking again, he needs routine physical therapy and speech therapy. So the nurses and doctors who helped his recover also wanted to help him be a kid again.

"They immediately thought of Jonathan when they heard about the opportunity," Jonathan's mom said.

On Thursday, Jonathan, his four siblings and some friends were treated to a show at the Golden 1 Center -- "Marvel Universe Live! Age of Superheroes."

"You see their eyes light up," said Megan Johnston, a Marvel stunt performer.

All the excitement was a bit overwhelming for some of the little ones, so they did some superhero warm-ups backstage before striking a pose with Spider-Man.

"It was exciting. I think the smiles give it away," Jonathan's mom said.

We have a feeling Jonathan will be smiling for a long time.