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Region Sees Uptick in Domestic Violence Deaths

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- The day after a gruesome discovery in a West Sacramento apartment, the shock weighs down a community. Three young children have fallen victim to domestic violence.

This is just one of many tragedies in our area. It's been a devastating six months in the Sacramento region.

"What we found is of the seven incidences of domestic violence that had fatalities, there were 13 victims, and eight of them were children," said Julie Bornhoeft with WEAVE.

It's an increase in domestic violence homicides compared to years past.

Bornhoeft says last year in California 112 people died as a result of domestic violence, so 13 deaths in a six month period locally is alarming.

She says they can't pinpoint the reason for the spike but can say why the abuse happens in the first place.

"At the core of this, there's an individual who is intent on controlling that relationship, and in these situations that person was willing to escalate to murder to maintain control," Bornhoeft said.

Types of domestic violence vary from physically hurting someone to controlling their finances. It all falls under the definition.

There are signs to watch out for.

"Someone who gets called constantly, text messages, the person who used to go out with friends suddenly can't because the partner wants them home all the time," Bornhoeft said.

Bornhoeft says escaping an abusive relationship isn't easy, but they're here to help without judgment.

"If someone is concerned about their relationship, maybe questioning 'Is this a healthy relationship?' Reach out to us the way you're comfortable," she said.

All of WEAVE’s services can be accessed by calling the Support and Information Line. Help is available in over 23 languages. The numbers are (916) 920-2952

or (866) 920-2952 toll free.