Strip Club Holds Topless Car Wash to Raise Money for Injured Yuba County Deputies

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MARYSVILLE -- A Marysville business is raising money for the Yuba County Sheriff's Department in an unconventional way.

The business heard about the two deputies who were injured in August after they were shot while pursuing a suspect at a Rastafarian cannabis church in Oregon House.

They're fundraising for the deputies by holding a topless car wash on Saturday outside in the back parking lot of City Limits Showgirls. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to an established trust for the sheriff's association.

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department chose not to talk about the topless car wash on camera. In a written statement, the department said in part, "The Yuba County Sheriff’s Office is in no way affiliated with the event. While we appreciate the sentiment of support from the business owner, we do not endorse the event."

However, they say as long as the car wash is enclosed in a tent and ID's are checked, they cannot stop it from happening.

“We spent a lot of time talking to them and encouraging them, saying you know, 'It’s alright, we're gonna do something for them,'” said Hal Meyer, operations manager for City Limits Showgirls.

They’re donating the money no matter what, so, if you get your car washed it comes with free admission to the club.

“If you put it in the trashcan, I accept that's how you feel, but please don't let your community down, they need you now,” Meyer said.

City Limits Showgirls raised a total of $2,565 at their event Saturday.