Lathrop Teen Saves Boy’s Life Using CPR

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MANTECA -- A 15-year-old is receiving accolades at Lathrop High School after saving the life of an 11-year-old boy who nearly drowned after he dove into a pool this weekend.

Valerie Villanueva continued to give the boy CPR chest compressions, even after he didn't respond right away. Manteca firefighters credited her with bringing the boy, who had turned blue, back to life.

Just two weeks ago, the 15-year-old was certified in CPR in a health careers class. She said she never thought she would be using CPR so quickly after learning the procedure.

Her teacher, James Ward, is a former EMT and Marine. Ward said Valerie kept her wits about her in the chaotic pool party situation when many adults didn't know what to do.

A 4.0 student, Villanueva hopes to become a pediatrician.